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Software with faster data processing and greater flexibility for RMOS3 applications

The Siemens Industry Automation Division has just equipped not one but three of its software packages for the RMOS3 real-time multicore operating system with new functions for fast data processing and greater flexibility. As a result, BSP Simatic IPC V3.0 now offers many different types of networking options for Profinet, as well as additional hardware-related functions for Simatic industrial PCs with multicore processors. RMOS3-TCP/IP V3.0 has new client services to make communication more flexible. With an improved compiler and new plug-ins for the RMOS3-GNU V3.0 development platform, which is now also compatible with Windows 7, user applications are created and tested more easily and quickly than before.
The RMOS3 real-time operating system is especially suitable for …

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Database Software for All

Database software is important when you are in charge of managing the information files for a large company or workstation. The use of having this application can be in handy when the information which is stored can be accessed by the internal staff. Information such as corporate data and conjoined working systems may require the use of an internal catalog within the organization.
The database software can be acquired from the tech market but the concept of installing this application is susceptible to the owner’s corporate requirements. A large organization with consistent information upload may be in need of a much more advanced system compared to those with non-daily uploads.
However, with a speedy processor the application …

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Useful MAC OS X Features

Have you heard about Mac OS X? This is in big boom today. It is a succession of UNIX based operating systems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) developed, promoted, and vended by Apple Inc. While 2002, Mac OS X has been incorporated with all new-fangled Macintosh computer systems. It is the descendant to Mac OS 9.
Mac OS X, its X is the Roman number 10 and is a major part of its brand characteristics. It is a Unix-based graphical operating system, assembled on technologies build up at NeXT amid the next half of the 1980s. Apple’s buying of the company is in late 1996. From its 16th release Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” and beyond, …

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Remodel Your Home with Design Software

Architectural students can take pride in the recent advancement in technology where home design software is concerned. There are various options to choosing an application which provides the most appropriate template for home design software.
Not only for those involved in architecture would sought after this product, but house owners who are interested in extended renovations can look to the matter as well.
The user must first determine the type of house which he or she is trying to recreate. Ascertain the number floors in the house, the location of the staircases as well as the attic.
The application is fun and easy when used with adequate knowledge. Generally, house owners who are interested in remodeling their kitchen …

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Agile Software Development – New Revolution in the IT Field!

Custom software development is the need of the hour. IT business is getting revolutionised and there have been new concepts and different tools of technology evolved. Every IT organisation is looking forward to make use of these new tools in technology to offer better services. If they lack in house team who can work on them, they have an option to hire them or outsource them. Agile software development can be outsourced.
When a group of software development methodologies are used wherein solutions emerge out of collaborative team work which is cross functional, such methodologies are known as agile software development. Such teams focus more on face to face communication rather than written communication in order …

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Real-Time ready LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim featured at Real-Time 2010

Innovative 1D software platform makes HIL simulation simpler and faster
LMS will showcase the power of its system simulation platform, especially its link with real-time targets at the Real-Time 2010 Conference held in Paris, France from June 27th until June 30th, 2010.
Participants will want to catch the presentation “Re-use of multi-domain design plant models for controller and system performance testing” during the conference sessions on Monday, June 28th at 12:00 in the Sidney amphitheater. Featured on the LMS booth will be two state-of-the-art real-time applications including an engine and automatic transmission system with an ECU linked to a Opal RT Technologies’ RT-LAB™ real-time target for ECU validation as well as a demo of a vehicle with …

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