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2008 was a tumultuous year for everyone primarily due to the volatile price of one commodity – oil. The world is so heavily dependent on this one commodity that any prolonged volatility of its price has a staggering spin-off effect on just about everything else. Who could forget when the price of oil hit an all-time high of $147 per barrel sending shock waves to every other market? And speculation that it would likely hit $200 per barrel only served to exacerbate the situation.
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As if the effect of the roller coaster price of oil was not enough, the world had to contend with the US sub-prime mortgage crisis. It is …

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Renewables account for 62 percent of the new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU in 2009

In 2009, and in absolute terms, about 19.9% (608 TWh) of Europe’s total electricity consumption (3042 TWh) came from renewable energy sources. Hydro power contributed with the largest share (11.6%), followed by wind (4.2%), biomass (3.5%), and solar (0.4%).
With regards to the new capacity constructed that same year (27.5 GW), among the renewable sources, 37.1% was wind power, 21% photovoltaics (PV), 2.1% biomass, 1.4% hydro and 0.4% concentrated solar power, whereas the rest were gas fired power stations (24%), coal fired power stations (8.7%), oil (2.1%), waste incineration (1.6%) and nuclear (1.6%) (see figure1).
As not all installed technologies operate continuously 24 hours a day, figure 2 shows the expected yearly energy output (TWh) from the …

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New Innovations in Biogas to Revamp the Renewable Fuels Market

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, releases a white paper, How to Profit from Biogas Market Developments, which predicts that biogas will be the next threat to fossil oil and gas businesses. Biogas is now a significant alternative to other renewable fuels and is the most sustainable of biofuels, being superior to ethanol and biodiesel.
Only a fraction of the biogas market has been tapped so far and the GIA White Paper includes findings from reports that predict the biogas plant installation business could grow to 25 billion EUR by 2020.
As biogas is increasingly viewed as a viable alternative source to both traditional and renewable forms of transportation fuel, GIA …

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