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Innovative chemicals for oil production

BASF presents its portfolio of oilfield chemicals at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers
Innovative products for drilling, extraction, stimulation of oil and gas flow, cementing of wells and tertiary oil recovery
BASF is presenting its range of innovative products for oil production at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Florence, Italy, September 20−22, 2010. At the BASF booth, number 2105 in the ‘Cavaniglia’ exhibition hall, experts will inform visitors about the extensive range of products and services offered by BASF, with a special focus on the products for the formulation of chemicals for oil and gas production. BASF’s portfolio in this …

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Johns Hopkins Joins Study of Oil Spill Impact on Florida Ecosystem

Johns Hopkins researchers are part of a multi-institution team formed to determine how the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill affects a sensitive aquatic environment off the coast of Florida.
Team members have begun collecting samples of water, sediment, marine animals and plant life in the Sarasota Bay region, which has not yet been impacted by the massive oil spill. As the oil spreads, however, it may enter the Sarasota Bay ecosystem. The baseline data being collected is expected to give the researchers a way to measure any changes to the aquatic environment if oil does move into the region.
The research effort is being led by the National Aquarium, in collaboration with the Sarasota-based Mote …

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How Biodiesel and Diesel Differ

Many people have heard the term biodiesel recently, and are wondering what it is exactly and if it is different from regular diesel fuel.
Diesel from oil consists of a combination of paraffin and cyclo-paraffin hydrocarbons. The combustion of this oil and air in normal engines creates residual smoke particles of varying dimensions. It also typically contains a high content of sulphur and produces chemicals that are known to exist in acid rain as they form sulfuric acid.
Biodiesel is actually a type of diesel fuel that is made out of chemically-reacting lipids such as vegetable oil and/or animal fat. It is usually made by combining the oil and fat with some type of alcohol. The product …

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