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Tips To Convert Youtube Videos

If you have favorite videos on the web, you can use download software to convert YouTube videos into different formats such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI, DivX and WMV. Depending on the type of download YouTube software you use, you can save the videos on your computer or view them right from your iPod or mobile phones.
MPEG-4, commonly known as MP4, is a format file created to provide DVD quality of audio and video in a very small file size. It is ideal for playing on portable MP4 players like the iPod Video and mobile phones that are equipped with a technology to playback MP4 files.
There are sites on the web that allow you to …

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Why an MP5 player?

Everybody knows about MP3 and MP4 players. Have you heard about MP5 players? Now you must be asking yourself another set of questions. What is an MP5 player? How is it different from MP3 and MP4 players? Should I invest in an MP5 player? Is this a business gimmick? What’s the catch? Etc etc. This article will answer all your questions and more…
It is obvious that technology does not stop growing, and MP3 or MP4 players have become an essential for all of us, as they provide us entertainment wherever we go. An MP3 player is basically a music player, and an MP4, a video player that has a screen bigger than an MP3 player; …

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