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The History of the Macintosh

Some people forget that Apple, formerly known as Apple Computer, was in business for almost ten years before the Macintosh debuted. In fact, in the late 1970s the firm had two of the best-selling “conformist” computers around, the Apple II and IIe. Still, it was the “1984″-themed commercial that ran during the January 1984 Super Bowl broadcast that introduced most of the non-nerd world to Apple and its new Macintosh – new because of its mouse pointer, small size and “insanely great” Graphical User Interface (GUI). Times were not simply “a-changing.” Times changed, forever.
The first Mac was a drastic departure from Apple’s previous “new thing,” the $10,000 Lisa. The Lisa had the GUI, it had …

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Why Apple Owns the Consumer Electronics Market

Apple is one of the leading electronics providers on the market. Apple products give consumers a variety of quality electronics devices that offer a level of uniqueness that no other electronics creator can compete with. Apple created their own operating system that has since allowed them to stand alone on the market. People love products like Apple iPods and macbooks because they give consumers a new and improved sense of modernity and excellence. Apple began as a company that created computers that ran off of their own operating system. Instead of using Microsoft Windows, Macintosh created an entirely unique method that caused society to stir. Since their initial launch, Macintosh has created a vast array …

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Useful MAC OS X Features

Have you heard about Mac OS X? This is in big boom today. It is a succession of UNIX based operating systems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) developed, promoted, and vended by Apple Inc. While 2002, Mac OS X has been incorporated with all new-fangled Macintosh computer systems. It is the descendant to Mac OS 9.
Mac OS X, its X is the Roman number 10 and is a major part of its brand characteristics. It is a Unix-based graphical operating system, assembled on technologies build up at NeXT amid the next half of the 1980s. Apple’s buying of the company is in late 1996. From its 16th release Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” and beyond, …

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