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Mac or PC? That is the Question

Mac or PC? That is the question.
And it seems to me that the answer in increasingly: Mac.
First case in point. I got off the plane in Boston the other day, and was shocked to notice that of the computer users in the group of waiting for their flight outside of my gate, 4 out of 5 were working away on a Mac.
Second case in point. I myself recently became a Mac user. After decades of using PC’s and thinking that Mac’s were only for artists and people that cared more about looking cool than actually getting work done, I have been converted.
Why? It’s saving me a ton of time. Let me explain what I mean …

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Add a Sony Computer Memory Chip for Better Mac Performance

There are plenty of things you need to do to keep your computer in good working order. Perhaps the most important is to keep a check on your desktop memory. When you lose memory on your computer, it starts to run slower and it doesn’t function as well. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, memory is important and you need to make sure you have enough of it to keep things running sufficiently. If you need to add more memory, try a Sony computer memory chip to make your Mac run correctly.
Prior to adding new desktop memory, take into consideration your operating system. You probably are aware of whether you run with an …

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Useful MAC OS X Features

Have you heard about Mac OS X? This is in big boom today. It is a succession of UNIX based operating systems and graphical user interfaces (GUI) developed, promoted, and vended by Apple Inc. While 2002, Mac OS X has been incorporated with all new-fangled Macintosh computer systems. It is the descendant to Mac OS 9.
Mac OS X, its X is the Roman number 10 and is a major part of its brand characteristics. It is a Unix-based graphical operating system, assembled on technologies build up at NeXT amid the next half of the 1980s. Apple’s buying of the company is in late 1996. From its 16th release Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” and beyond, …

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