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Innovative LED technology illuminates parking garage facade

The facade of the new car park at the headquarters of the Siemens Building Technologies Division in Zug, Switzerland is lit using LED lights made by the Osram joint venture Traxon Technologies. A total of 25,900 LEDs light up the architecturally harmonious building structure, thus contributing to the attractive contemporary look of the Siemens site.
The Siemens Building Technologies Division, which is the largest employer in the Zug region and a leading technology company, illuminated the facade of its new parking garage and staff restaurant at its headquarters in Zug with a total of 25,900 LEDs produced by the Osram joint venture Traxon. In order to ensure that this building is not only an eye-catcher architecturally, …

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Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs are becoming quite common nowadays. Whenever we are on the road, at some intersection or the other, we are bound to come across an LED sign which probably advertises a product or just sends out a message. Some of these outdoor LED signs may be high definition and detailed, whereas others may just be a simple one-line sign. LED signs may either be operated using the apparatus in which they are built or by a central computer system. The latter one is more common as this reduces the hassle of changing a sign whenever needed, and operating it becomes easier and faster. Outdoor LED signs are compatible with all operating systems. Wireless …

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Mini-projectors – maximum performance

The number of mini-projector devotees keeps growing. The combination of a new kind of optical structure with high-performance LEDs enables completely new compact and brilliant lighting and projection systems.
Almost no public presentation today is made without projectors. As the years pass, these devices keep getting smaller – and handier. A market with immense growth potential: According to estimates, by 2012 up to 45 million units are expected to sell worldwide.
Important: The miniature projectors have to deliver sharp contrasts and clear colors. In his thesis project, „Design and realization of an ultraslim array projector,” Marcel Sieler of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena developed the bases for an entirely new …

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