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How to Find Your Stolen Apple Ipod?

Ever thought about what you would do without your beloved iPod? iPods have become a major part of our lives, and most of us cannot imagine a single day without them. They are fashionable and expensive, they are also easy to steal being small and compact. Not everything is lost though; here are some tips to follow in order to recover your stolen iPod.
1.As soon as you purchase your iPod, you need to write down the serial number (it can be found at the back of your iPod) and store it away safely. If it gets lost, you can register the number of the iPod, along with your address and phone number. In case somebody …

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GizMac Accessories Expands Product Line

GizMac Accessories, designer and supplier of iPod and iPhone accessories, is pleased to announce new additions to their accessory family.
GizMac has become a trusted manufacturer in the iPod and iPhone accessories market though their Titan Clear and Titan Metal product lines. Originally producing accessories for the early generations of Apple iPod and iPhone products, GizMac achieved tremendous success with each new product offering. GizMac is substantially increasing their product lines in 2010 by adding a variety of new cases to meet their customers’ needs.
“GizMac Accessories has developed some innovative iPod and iPhone accessories in the past” says Dominick Santos, GizMac’s Director of Marketing, “our past cases were popular, but the limited variety left customers wanting …

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