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Top 10 Secrets Of the Apple Ipad

 Apple has always taken the world by the storm with its every product launch. And more often than not, its products have lived up to the hype, prior to its launch. The latest geeky gadget released by Apple is the iPad which has perhaps generated more interest than anything else in the world. It is time to unlock the secrets!
Secret 1:
Did you know that you could get the Apple iPad for free? Shocked? Then don’t be. Because Apple sincerely believes in improvement through better research, what a better way than knowing the public’s demands – which is the end user of the product! A free iPad is not a dream but a reality that is …

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Pen Camera

Technology really is improving nowadays. Have you ever watched the movie “Inspector Gadget”? The gadgets that were used were really awesome. Gadgets that were pictured in the film can be as small as the size of a pea and one gadget may transform into another one. Some of the gadgets that were seen in the movie can really be bought in some stores and one of them is the pen camera.
This is a small spy camera that is shaped like a pen and is used for monitoring some activities. Pen cameras may seem small but its features are same as that of a high-end camera. It is usually used by those who would want to …

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