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How Biodiesel and Diesel Differ

Many people have heard the term biodiesel recently, and are wondering what it is exactly and if it is different from regular diesel fuel.
Diesel from oil consists of a combination of paraffin and cyclo-paraffin hydrocarbons. The combustion of this oil and air in normal engines creates residual smoke particles of varying dimensions. It also typically contains a high content of sulphur and produces chemicals that are known to exist in acid rain as they form sulfuric acid.
Biodiesel is actually a type of diesel fuel that is made out of chemically-reacting lipids such as vegetable oil and/or animal fat. It is usually made by combining the oil and fat with some type of alcohol. The product …

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Will Hydrogen Ever Be Developed Into An Effective Fuel?

Hydrogen is another source of fuel that can be used to power a car and other types of motorized vehicles. This includes wheelchairs, boats, submarines, cars, buses, tractors, motorbikes, trains, rockets, and aircraft. These vehicles can run on hydrogen as they convert its chemical energy into mechanical energy. This is done by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine or by reacting hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell which can then be used to generate electric motors. This makes hydrogen a very attractive type of alternative fuel in present world.
However, hydrogen is not considered to be a source of energy as it is not one of the natural elements of the earth. Instead, it …

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New Innovations in Biogas to Revamp the Renewable Fuels Market

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, releases a white paper, How to Profit from Biogas Market Developments, which predicts that biogas will be the next threat to fossil oil and gas businesses. Biogas is now a significant alternative to other renewable fuels and is the most sustainable of biofuels, being superior to ethanol and biodiesel.
Only a fraction of the biogas market has been tapped so far and the GIA White Paper includes findings from reports that predict the biogas plant installation business could grow to 25 billion EUR by 2020.
As biogas is increasingly viewed as a viable alternative source to both traditional and renewable forms of transportation fuel, GIA …

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