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Group led by UCLA Engineering devises new method for securing location-sensitive data

Location-based security is ensured by using quantum mechanics
A research group led by computer scientists at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has proved that cryptography — the practice and study of hiding information — that is based solely on physical location is possible by using quantum mechanics.
Such a method, the researchers say, allows one to encrypt and decrypt data at a secure location without pre-sharing any cryptographic keys that can be used to lock or unlock sensitive information.
The idea behind location-based cryptography is that only a recipient at a precise geographic location can receive an encrypted message — the location itself acts as the credential required for generating an encryption key.
This …

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New Dassault Systèmes 3D Collaborative Engineering Solution Enables Lean Product Development

Dassault Systèmes (DS) (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced that it has launched a Collaborative Multi-Discipline Engineering (CMDE) initiative. Designed as a practical tool for manufacturers to implement multi-discipline collaboration and lean product development processes, the CMDE solution delivers functionality from multiple DS brands, is capable of handling large, complex assemblies, and is based upon a single PLM platform. This approach enables engineers and designers of all specialties to collaborate in real time on a large scale to decrease product defects and streamline the entire product development process.
By focusing on driving collaboration through product and process engineering, the CDME solution supports all product information …

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