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MAN Diesel & Turbo supplies eco-friendly engines for new North Sea ferries

Natural gas – the fuel of the future
Augsburg-based manufacturer of large-bore diesel engines and turboma-chinery, MAN Diesel & Turbo, has received an order from the Norwegian shipyard Bergen Group Fosen for a total of 14 large-bore diesel engines. MAN Diesel & Turbo will be supplying eight main engines and six auxiliary engines together with two gearboxes from MAN subsidiary Renk AG for the construction of two new ferries. The engines will initially be operated with conventional fuel, and then from 2016, switched to operation with eco-friendly natural gas.
The car ferries, which offer the comfort of a cruise liner, will be in daily use from 2012 on routes between Denmark and Norway, carrying up to 1,500 …

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Did you know…? Coolants are essential in summer

The suitcases are packed, the car is loaded – the vacation can commence! But for many a motorist, the journey’s end is the hard shoulder of the freeway. “Vehicles that conk out with overheated engines are unfortunately a common sight on our roads in the summer months,” says Ralf Strauss, from Technical Marketing Automotive and Refinery Chemicals of BASF.  “Yet this kind of breakdown is easy to avoid through the use of a quality coolant like Glysantin ® .”
When it comes to protecting the radiator, many drivers still think first and foremost of antifreeze in winter. They often forget that a coolant is absolutely essential, even in summer. “It is always advisable to have the …

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