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If the Tire is lacking Air it reaches for the Phone

Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system will soon be able to report to smart phones. The system also provides information about the correct pressure when tires are inflated. Enhanced driving safety and fuel efficiency are expected.
Continental is making driving safer and more economical for the future with a new application that reports the tire pressure directly to a smart phone. The vehicle electronic is connected wirelessly with the driver’s smart phone, therefore making speedy data exchange possible. The Continental Interior Division’s “Filling Assistant” specifies the exact inflation pressure of each tire. So when adding air, the optimum tire pressure can be achieved, even when inflation pumps at the filling station do not measure the pressure accurately. …

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A milestone in active driving safety 15th anniversary of series production for Bosch ESP®

· The first vehicle with ESP® came off the assembly line in September 1995
· Having ESP® in all vehicles could reduce the annual number of road deaths in Europe by some 4,000
· Legal regulations will soon require passenger cars in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Australia to have ESP®
· In 2009, 60 percent of all new vehicles in Europe and 36 percent of all those worldwide were equipped with ESP®
· Bosch has manufactured 50 million ESP® systems since series production began in 1995
Fifteen years ago, Bosch began series production of the Electronic Stability Program for motor vehicles. ESP® helps to prevent vehicles from skidding, and independent studies show that it can reduce the number of …

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