EV Charging Stations as Smart Metering Solutions

 Smart metering, the remote monitoring of electricity meters via a communications network, is of significant interest to public utilities and power producers who seek to level the grid load over the course of the day. Through smart monitoring of electricity consumption by consumers, utilities can reduce peak loads and achieve better efficiency. This can also help consumers save on electricity costs when charging electric vehicles at non-peak hours, particularly at night when there is an excess of power.
The budding development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles provides a useful application for smart metering. If present in charging infrastructure technology, smart metering can transfer the load of electric vehicles to times of day with overproduction of …

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KVM: Details On Using KVM Cable

A KVM cable enables you to connect one PC central processing unit to several monitors, without the need for additional keyboards and mice. KVM stands for keyboard, video or visual display unit and Mouse.
This situation is beneficial, if you want to access one computer from two or more monitors situated in different locations. You can also control many computers using a single monitor and keyboard. However, in order to benefit from these functions, you will need a KVM switch.
This switch is a hardware device that allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse. Some K switches give you access to a varying number of computers such as 2, 4, …

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iPhone App Will Help Rescue Oiled Gulf Coast Wildlife

Starting today, iPhone users who come upon oiled birds and other wildlife in the Gulf Coast region can immediately transmit the location and a photo to animal rescue networks using a free new iPhone app, MoGO, for Mobile Gulf Observatory. It was developed by four University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers to make it easier for the public to help save wildlife exposed to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
With support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the UMass Amherst researchers hope the MoGO app will draw on the large network of “citizen scientists” who are as heartbroken as they are to witness the disaster for marine life and who are actively looking …

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