Scania collaborating in research on the biofuel-based engine technology of the future

Scania has been granted SEK 30 million − about EUR 3.3 million − by Sweden’s Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation Initiative (FFI) to develop a biofuel engine intended for heavy commercial vehicles. This research will show how the best characteristics of the diesel and the Otto principle can be combined in an engine that can operate on both alcohol- and gaseous methane-based fuels.
Scania will focus on developing an engine using sustainable biofuels that will combine the high energy efficiency of diesel (compression ignition) technology with the more efficient exhaust aftertreatment system of Otto (spark ignition) technology.
“Such an engine will be optimal in responding to the challenge of achieving low emissions of greenhouse gases, combined with …

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RWE takes electric car on a 4000-kilometre field test

„Culture bridge“ from Essen to Istanbul
Route goes right across the Balkans
RWE has given today the go-ahead for a new large-scale test of electro-mobility’s fitness for everyday use. A team of young drivers will cover 4000 kilometres from Essen to Istanbul in a Tesla Roadster within 13 days. “In so doing, we are also building a bridge between the two capitals of culture”, said Dr. Jürgen Großmann, Chief Executive Officer of RWE AG. Apart from Essen, the Turkish metropolitan centre of Istanbul is one of Europe’s capitals of culture this year. “At the same time, we will demonstrate in 17 European cities that e-mobility is already suitable for everyday use”, Großmann went on to say.
RWE’s team …

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E-mobility: Athlon Car Lease and E.ON to partner on solutions for fleet operators

Athlon Car Lease Germany and E.ON will work together to offer e-mobility solutions designed for a competitive marketplace. The two companies will focus on solutions for commercial vehicle fleet operators. Athlon and E.ON intend to offer this customer segment a complete, competitively priced package consisting of electric vehicles, financing, an individually configured charging infrastructure, and electricity service. Their solutions will make it possible for customers not only to benefit from the low energy costs of electric cars but also to operate a zero-emission, climate-friendly fleet.
“Cross-industry partnerships like this one are what we need to enable e-mobility to compete in a real market,” emphasizes Ruth Werhahn, Head of Mobility@E.ON, the company’s special e-mobility initiative.
“The partnership with …

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More knowledge for more safety

BASF joins a BMBF nanomaterial safety research program
Approximately €6.4 million earmarked for NanoGEM
BASF is a participant in a research project called NanoGEM (Nanostructured materials – Health, Exposure and Material Properties).  The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) initiated project is taking place with the involvement of 19 research institutions and companies. The project will receive approximately €4.9 million in BMBF funding over the next three years, with industry to contribute around another €1.5 million. The project is headed by the Duisburg-based Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA).
NanoGEM will investigate absorption and distribution of nanoparticles in the human body as a function of their size, structure and surface properties. The project is the first …

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Integrated industrial software: Siemens heralds a new age in modern engineering with the TIA Portal

Combining industrial software with automation engineering opens the door to substantially reduced times to market for new products and a far more speedy return on investment.
Siemens Industry Automation Division CEO Anton S. Huber took the opportunity to emphasize the central and growing importance of software for Siemens and for the industry sectors at the Siemens press conference held on the first day of the SPS/IPC/Drives 2010 in Nuremberg:
“Today, Siemens leads the way in the development of software for the manufacturing industries. By implementing a program of strategic acquisitions, we have extended our product range and are now able to offer a complete software portfolio covering everything from product design to production control.” This development has …

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Chevrolet Volt: Engineered for Everyday Life

Without a doubt, the engineering of the Chevrolet Volt’s electric drive unit is very sophisticated, leading to some discussion about how it operates.  However, this technology provides easy-to-understand benefits that drivers of the Chevrolet Volt will enjoy every day.
The Volt is a better, practical electric vehicle with extended range.  After the battery is fully charged, the Chevrolet Volt will operate as a pure electric vehicle, and will not consume a drop of gas, for between 25 and 50 miles of operation. That electric power will propel the Volt during its all-electric range in any driving situation, whether it’s commuting to work, driving around town to run errands, or traveling down the highway at higher speeds.  …

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