How to Find Your Stolen Apple Ipod?

Ever thought about what you would do without your beloved iPod? iPods have become a major part of our lives, and most of us cannot imagine a single day without them. They are fashionable and expensive, they are also easy to steal being small and compact. Not everything is lost though; here are some tips to follow in order to recover your stolen iPod.

1.As soon as you purchase your iPod, you need to write down the serial number (it can be found at the back of your iPod) and store it away safely. If it gets lost, you can register the number of the iPod, along with your address and phone number. In case somebody calls Apple, to report your lost iPod, they will call and inform you immediately.

2.You also need to register your iPod with the Lost iPod database. They provide you with a sticker on your iPod, this way a person who has found your missing iPod can contact you.

3.There are many websites that provide your iPod with protection, such as iGuard, GadgetTrak, iHound etc. In spite of all this, there are many problems in recovering your iPod, such as if the device is not connected with an Internet connection, you may have lost your iPod forever. These applications work on both iPhones and iPods.

You can purchase such protection and install it in your iPod. If your iPod gets lost, all you need to do is log onto the iPod protection website, using your login id and password. Next, you need to activate the tracking device in your iPod. As soon as the device is activated, when the iPod is used on a computer that has internet access, you will know about the exact location of the user of your iPod. How this works is that, after registration with the company, the device is stored in their database; hence, when the iPod is connected to the Internet the exact location is sent to the protection company. They will forward the exact location so that you can take the next step.

Here is how GadgetTrak works – when the internet is accessed GadgetTrak is activated automatically, which leads the thief to disclose the exact position. The owner of the device can log onto the GadgetTrak control panel to view detailed information about the the location of the device, including GPS coordinates, maps, IP address and more. The application icon of GadgetTrak is designed to look like the Safari application. If a thief accesses your iPod, they will click on the disguised application to access the Internet, thereby unknowingly activating GadgetTrak.

Another application known as iHound, also enables you to find your stolen device. It offers you many alert notifications such as the Push Notification, which allows you to send a Notification to the new owner of your Apple iPod with a message. There are many features such as alarms, continued tracking even when the phone is switched off or idle, etc. When the new owner would move the slider to Unlock the iPhone or iPod, you will be sent the current location of the iPod using which you can track the person easily. This way you can continuously monitor the person’s new location and at the same time the new owner will have no idea that their every move is being watched and tracked.

4.You can report to the police, and tell them the serial number along with the time and date it was stolen on. Giving a detailed description of your iPod, will give you a better chance of finding your iPod.

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