Cloud Technology in Security Industry

The world is Flat, and getting Flatter. Today we have so much technology available to us through the internet. We are able to connect and communicate with others across the world in a matter of seconds.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is taking over the packaging industry which will affect the software box retail market. Currently Software as a Service makes $13.1 billion a year in the United States, and is predicted to make over $40 billion per year, by 2014. Software as a Service is the latest and greatest way to transmit technology.

It is considered to be the good part of “Cloud Technology” meaning as long as you have an internet connection products become available around the world. For example take a look at the software called GoToMeeting which is a fantastic software. Instead of flying a few business employees around the world for a face to face meeting with a customer you can now have these personal meetings in your own business office and save lots of money on airfare, hotel and travel costs.

There are lots of different types of SaaS models, the important information to remember when picking a new vendor is that the software can be downloaded from the Internet in a real time environment and can be used across the Internet at the same time in order to save money.

It is predicted by 2012 only 15% of all consumers will buy software through box product merchandise. This will put a serious threat to the retail markets as we know them today unless they jump aboard and provide downloadable service oriented products. SaaS is going mainstream and the small and medium businesses are now beginning to share in using sophisticated software at a lower price which they have not been able to afford prior to this point.

Consumers and the SMBs purchase products like Antivirus software over the internet and simply download them to their computers. Renewing licenses becomes simple, click point and process payment. Once a customer always a customer because there will not be a need to uninstall and re-install new software using SaaS model. Both McAfee and ResolutionsMSP, Malware protectors have jumped aboard and have moved their market to SaaS model, pulling their box products from the shelves.

Internet providers are getting ready for this shift in broadband. They are bringing speeds up to 100Mbps, from what we currently use at 50Mbps. Small and Medium size networks are becoming simplified, allowing vendors who provide SaaS model to quickly install and manage the software for a recurring monthly charge similar to your cell phones.

The SaaS model is being utilized by all different IT business industries. The purpose of establishing this SaaS model allows vendors to create lower cost on both the business and the consumer market. No more need to pay for extra paper products. Neither companies nor customers want nor have to pay for the extra packaging cost anymore. SaaS is the new way of the future.

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