Laptop Computers For College Students

Deciding on the best laptop computer for a college student can be an overwhelming task because of the various models and accessories that are on the market today. These are some of the factors that might influence your final decision:

The school, or a particular department, may require a certain type of computer.

If the student will need to use a variety of software, you may want to upgrade the random access memory (RAM) so that the laptop can handle multiple programs at the same time.

Will the student use the laptop computer in his or her dorm room, or should you opt for one that is especially portable? In the latter situation, look for a smaller laptop that is lightweight and easy to carry (15 inches and under).

The amount you are prepared to spend on the laptop will determine the number of computer components and accessories you can afford. For about $500, you can find cheap laptop computers with all the essentials if you do some careful shopping online.
Another Option

If your budget is limited, a used laptop computer can be a good choice for any student. A customer can purchase one brand-new laptop and return it to the retailer within three months for a variety of reasons. Since it can not be resold as new, the store returns the computer to the manufacturer to be updated and serviced, and later sells it at a lower price. Buying a cheap laptop from a reputable dealer can be a wise choice, because you can economize and still have the power and other features you need.

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