5 Advantages Of Voice Over Internet Protocol

If you are looking for a new plan for your phone, VoIP free Internet softphones are the way to go. There are so many advantages for any customer looking for more options at less price. When you go with Voice over Internet Protocol, as it is technically known, you open a new world of communication that is kinder on your budget. While traditional phone companies may not be going anywhere any time soon, they are going to have to up their game to compete with softphone providers in the coming years, and that is because of:

Free Internet softphones. Imagine having all the technology that you need to make and receive calls right there in front of you without ever having to fork out a single dollar. Not so with traditional land lines. You have to buy a cheap phone plus a costly service that really doesn’t deliver what you’re paying for.

Calling other users at no charge. When you sign on for a basic free plan with most Internet softphone service providers, you have complete access to contact other users on the same plan without incurring any costs. While the phone companies would like you to think of local calling as free, it is only free in the sense that you can do it so long as you overpay on a monthly fee. Contacting others that share your plan or higher is something free to everyone, who wants to install the software on their computers.

More affordable rates for local and international calling. In addition to offering cheaper regular service, Internet phone providers make it possible for you to make calls to anyone else in the world at a rate that is mere pennies compared to what the same call would cost you from a traditional phone company. The reason for this is that most signals have to travel through a variety of relays and exchanges in order to reach their final destinations, occurring multiple “tolls” along the way. These middle men are cut out of the equation with Internet calling.

Cheaper options for business integration. Regular telephony can run thousands of dollars if implemented on a company-wide scale. This is not the case with Internet phone services. Simply put in the time to train all your employees how to use it, and you’re home free.

Knowing that what you get is what you pay for-nothing more, nothing less. For all the seeming complexity of making calls on the Internet, it is actually a simple process that walks you through set up and usage, and allows you to see in plain, clear terms what features you are getting for your level of commitment. Good luck getting that with your current provider!
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