Top 10 Secrets Of the Apple Ipad

 Apple has always taken the world by the storm with its every product launch. And more often than not, its products have lived up to the hype, prior to its launch. The latest geeky gadget released by Apple is the iPad which has perhaps generated more interest than anything else in the world. It is time to unlock the secrets!

Secret 1:

Did you know that you could get the Apple iPad for free? Shocked? Then don’t be. Because Apple sincerely believes in improvement through better research, what a better way than knowing the public’s demands – which is the end user of the product! A free iPad is not a dream but a reality that is being offered by the company. Apple just needs you to fill out a survey form along with accepting 2 offers; enter your zip code and there you go!

Secret 2:

iPad price – is the main topic of discussion of the geeks and the reviewers alike. Even we as the general public are interested to know about the price at which the gadget is being sold for. The 16 GB model ships around $499 and the 64GB model comes at $829 according to the latest price release. This is of course if you don’t want the iPad FREE!

Secret 3:

The world is banking on ‘touch-sensitive’ technology. The very word touch, makes a geek drool. And that is the USP of the iPad. Unlike other products such as laptops, the Apple iPad interface is 100% touch and is making us go ga-ga over the ease with which the sensitivity works for us!

Secret 4:

Contrary to the popular belief and the rumours doing the rounds, one thing that has to be made clear that the iPad is not a ‘laptop killer’ – as described by many. One common sense says that why would Apple launch a product that would harm its own range of laptops? Though the gadget is capable of emulating the laptop in many ways.

Secret 5:

The video on the iPad is undoubtedly high definition and gives the crispest and sharpest video quality that you have ever experienced.

Secret 6:

iPad Tablet form – it is the best ergonomics product from Apple. It is lightweight as well as the form which makes it a mobile gadget. It is easy to carry to – as you were carrying a photo frame!

Secret 7:

Internet on the Apple iPad is a hassle free affair with the in-built Wi-Fi and superior 3G technology. Now move on to the next generation of internet speeds that perhaps only the US military has access to!

Secret 8:

The number of applications that the iPad supports is phenomenal and especially the office suite from Apple makes it more than a worthy purchase. The number is growing everyday!

Secret 9:

Reading newspapers and books has received a fresh boost – thanks to the launch of a great screen to read ‘em!

Secret 10:

Let us pull the cat out of the bag – the Apple iPad is finally here and more importantly, it is available for FREE! Grab your iPad today!
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