Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs are becoming quite common nowadays. Whenever we are on the road, at some intersection or the other, we are bound to come across an LED sign which probably advertises a product or just sends out a message. Some of these outdoor LED signs may be high definition and detailed, whereas others may just be a simple one-line sign. LED signs may either be operated using the apparatus in which they are built or by a central computer system. The latter one is more common as this reduces the hassle of changing a sign whenever needed, and operating it becomes easier and faster. Outdoor LED signs are compatible with all operating systems. Wireless keyboards are also used sometimes for easy programming purposes. There are three factors which one needs to consider before buying outdoor LED signs –

1. First, one must decide on the size of the LED sign that they are looking for. This is because the sizes will vary depending on what will be shown on the screen. If there is a video to be played, then the size of the screen should be adjusted accordingly. This is because, with videos being played, the pixels might break and the quality will decrease. Thus, depending on what is to be played, an appropriate size of the LED screen must be chosen.

2. Second, one must decide the size of the screen based on the distance from which a person will be able to view the content properly. Using Pythagoras’ Theorem, the distance is calculated and results have shown that, from a distance of approximately 13 meters, if one has a clear view of the sign, the screen size should be somewhere around 15 square meters.

3. Finally, one must decide on the resolution of the screen. A high-definition screen will have a very good resolution and will have impeccable picture clarity. It will be clearly viewable even from a large distance. A high resolution screen is generally used for playing videos. Various pixel sizes are available and a suitable screen can be chosen for normal videos and high-definition ones.

The main characteristics of Outdoor LED signs are –

1. They have a very high battery life, which can last up to as much as 100,000 hours.

2. Since Outdoor signs are usually two-lined or multiple-lined, you can design your own graphics and logos. The computer system to which it is connected will enable you to do that.

3. Character sizes are either 11 inch or 22 inch and there are is a provision for using 6 different fonts. They have an internal memory which can store up to 80 different messages and animations.

4. There are different display modes under which a sign operates. The display mode can be pre-set to a specific one or can be changed automatically as well. Some of the display modes include Hold, Roll, Sparkle, Rotate, Marquee etc.

5. As mentioned before, these LED signs can store several custom animation themes. Some of the animations we have seen are birthday wishes, fireworks, a champagne bottle exploding, balloons, and many others as well.

6. Some Outdoor LED signs have clocks installed inside them with both the 24-hour and 12-hour formats and a battery life as long as 9 years. There are in-built mechanisms to measure the outdoor temperature as well!

Today almost all billboards and advertisements use LED signs. Indeed, they look very good and catchy

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