Mac or PC? That is the Question

Mac or PC? That is the question.

And it seems to me that the answer in increasingly: Mac.

First case in point. I got off the plane in Boston the other day, and was shocked to notice that of the computer users in the group of waiting for their flight outside of my gate, 4 out of 5 were working away on a Mac.

Second case in point. I myself recently became a Mac user. After decades of using PC’s and thinking that Mac’s were only for artists and people that cared more about looking cool than actually getting work done, I have been converted.

Why? It’s saving me a ton of time. Let me explain what I mean and what drove me to make a change.

I have three offices: one at my house, one at Everon, and one at Kutenda. I use wireless a lot as I move around from meeting to meeting during the day, and I am also a heavy Outlook user. While using my pc – an approximately 18 month old Lenovo laptop that was built to be a workhorse – I would experience the following every day:

· Sit down at my desk, start my computer
· Read one section of the Wall Street Journal while waiting for computer to start
· Start Outlook
· Read the other sections of the Wall Street Journal while waiting for Outlook to start
· At some point in the day, need to move from one office to the next
· Close laptop to take it to new location
· Open laptop in new location
· Realize that laptop has been rendered inoperable by change in location
· Start the process all over again

One day it occurred to me that I was losing about two hours of productivity each day due to this process. That is a lot! So I started looking for solutions.

A gentleman in my office uses a Mac, so I figured I would see how he likes it. I was shocked to see him running both the Windows and Apple operating systems and about 15 applications at once, and the computer was flying like the wind!

How could this be? Why can’t my PC do this?!

I immediately realized it was time for me to let go of my stubborn attachment to PC’s, and made the decision to order a new Mac Powerbook Pro that day.

I have since gained back those two hours I was losing and then some. Everything is faster, easier, and strangely – more fun – working on a Mac. I really believe that the Mac computer, operating system, and related software is just plain superior to PC’s, the Windows operating system, and related software. I don’t know why exactly…it’s just better.

And now that it is so easy to run Windows and Windows applications on your Mac, there really is no excuse not to try one.

If you haven’t yet, give Mac a shot. And send me a note when you’ve been converted!
Michael Cooch is the founder and CEO of Everon Technology Services LLC, a provider of a variety of IT services for small businesses and non-profits nationwide, including: IT support and management services, data protection services, and internet marketing services.

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