Chevrolet Volt: Engineered for Everyday Life

Without a doubt, the engineering of the Chevrolet Volt’s electric drive unit is very sophisticated, leading to some discussion about how it operates.  However, this technology provides easy-to-understand benefits that drivers of the Chevrolet Volt will enjoy every day.

The Volt is a better, practical electric vehicle with extended range.  After the battery is fully charged, the Chevrolet Volt will operate as a pure electric vehicle, and will not consume a drop of gas, for between 25 and 50 miles of operation. That electric power will propel the Volt during its all-electric range in any driving situation, whether it’s commuting to work, driving around town to run errands, or traveling down the highway at higher speeds.  The battery system can operate all the way up to the Volt’s limited top speed of 100 miles per hour. 

Once the battery charge drops below a certain level, the Volt’s extended-range engine kicks in to provide power to the Volt’s electric motors, which under some conditions can be supplemented with power from the engine itself.  This mode provides excellent performance and allows the Volt to travel hundreds of miles on a single tank of fuel and a full battery. This freedom allows the Volt to be driven anytime and anywhere.

The extended-range driving is what makes the Volt a truly unique and better solution.  It eliminates the range anxiety that’s associated with pure battery electric vehicles, and continues to deliver a driving experience far more electric than conventional hybrids.  For most people, the Volt will provide pure EV performance for their daily commute without consuming any gasoline.

That’s what the Chevrolet Volt is all about – freedom.  For those who commute between 25 and 50 miles round trip per day, the Volt will likely operate as an EV most of the time.  For those with longer commutes or who want to travel over the hills and through the woods on a weekend vacation, the Volt can do that, too.   

Our overriding objective in developing the Volt was to deliver the most efficient, yet fun-to-drive experience in both pure electric and extended-range driving.  We think our unique technology lives up to its most important promise: allowing you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. 

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