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Siemens HVDC technology to transmit eco-friendly electric power from Georgia to Turkey

Siemens Energy is to install two turnkey HVDC (high voltage direct current) back-to-back links in Georgia to connect the Georgian power supply network with the grid system in Turkey. As part of the Black Sea Transmission Network Project, one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Georgia, the two HVDC back-to-back links are each to transmit 350 megawatts (MW) of controlled electric power generated in various hydropower plants in Georgia to Turkey. Purchaser is Energotrans Ltd. based in Tiflis, Georgia. The order volume for Siemens is approximately EUR170 million. In addition to the HVDC back-to-back links the scope of supply will also include system control equipment, converter transformers, switchgear (500/400/220 kV), thyristor valves and AC …

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New generation of district heating controllers provide increased energy efficiency

With the RVD2xx product range, the Siemens Building Technologies Division launches a completely revised series of district heating controllers. The new generation provides additional functions such as solar heating of domestic hot water, automatic refill and a programmable heating period. With newly developed electronics, the RVD2xx district heating controllers achieve even better reliability and energy efficiency.
Efficient energy generation systems, centralized co-generation of heat and power as well as woodchip heating, combustor or sewage systems make district heating plants an environmentally friendly alternative for the generation of electrical power and heat. District heating is provided to customers for the heating of rooms and domestic hot water via a pipeline network. Thus, an annual reduction of thousands …

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Higher energy efficiency and enhanced room comfort thanks to air quality sensors

Siemens’ Building Technologies Division has completely revised and complemented its range of Symaro air quality sensors. The innovative products are designed for use in rooms or air ducts and facilitate demand-controlled ventilation, thus ensuring the highest room comfort levels and maximum energy efficiency of ventilation plants.
The Symaro air quality sensors marketed by Siemens’ Building Technologies Division are designed for installation in rooms or air ducts and – depending on the model – measure the air’s carbon dioxide (CO2) content, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature (T) or humidity (H), either as individual variables or in combination. As a novelty, the revised product line includes sensors that acquire exclusively the VOC level in the room or air …

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Siemens to create jobs through green investment in Germany and Hungary

Siemens is participating in the development of two ecofriendly combined-cycle power plants – one in the German state of Brandenburg and the other in Hungary. The project has a total value of roughly €1.5 billion and will employ up to about 1,000 people in the Wustermark region of Brandenburg as well as in the Hungarian city of Szeged during the three-year construction period. Once in operation, each location will provide jobs for about 50 highly qualified personnel on a long-term basis.
As part of the project to develop the two power plants, Siemens has – via its equity company Siemens Project Ventures GmbH – acquired 50 percent stakes in each of the two project companies of …

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Wind As An Alternative Power

If you are one of those who usually puts on the light 24 hours a day during winter or one among those persons who use air conditioners the entire summer break, then you must be concerned on how we are going to generate electricity when electric supplies go down in the near future due to people’s complete dependency on electricity. The more dependent we become the bigger problem we might encounter in the future when it comes to electricity. Thus, we must start thinking now on what will be the best alternative power we can have if the main electric power supplies are not enough.
We are not really in danger these times when talking about …

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Tecnalia investigates ecological cement that cuts CO2 emissions by up to 100%

The Tecnalia Construction Unit, within the framework of its commitment to sustainability, has developed a new generation of environmentally-friendly cements that enable cutting direct CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 100%
The development of the new ecological cement, as well as the techniques for enhancing its mechanical properties using nanotechnology, has lead to the obtention of two patents, whose ownership is shared between Tecnalia and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).
In drawing up these products, the Nanomaterials in Construction Team (NANOC) at Tecnalia substituted limestone as the raw material by solid waste from thermal power stations. Thanks to this new production technique, a threefold objective has been achieved: carrying out efficient management of …

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