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Continental celebrates production of 40 million piezo injectors for injection systems

- High-tech injectors have been produced at the Limbach-Oberfrohna/Stollberg site in Saxony in Germany for ten years
- Piezo technology creates the conditions for reducing consumption and emissions
Regensburg/Limbach-Oberfrohna. Ten years on from the start of serial production, the international automotive supplier Continental is producing its 40-millionth piezo injector at its Limbach-Oberfrohna/Stollberg site in the German state of Saxony. The injection nozzles are fitted in the engines of passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. “With this ultramodern injection technology we have created the technological conditions for the production of high-performance yet economical diesel and petrol engines which meet even the strictest environmental standards,” comments José Avila, member of the the Continental AG Executive Board and Head of …

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If the Tire is lacking Air it reaches for the Phone

Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system will soon be able to report to smart phones. The system also provides information about the correct pressure when tires are inflated. Enhanced driving safety and fuel efficiency are expected.
Continental is making driving safer and more economical for the future with a new application that reports the tire pressure directly to a smart phone. The vehicle electronic is connected wirelessly with the driver’s smart phone, therefore making speedy data exchange possible. The Continental Interior Division’s “Filling Assistant” specifies the exact inflation pressure of each tire. So when adding air, the optimum tire pressure can be achieved, even when inflation pumps at the filling station do not measure the pressure accurately. …

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Continental Has It In for Car Thieves

Tracking module from Continental stops car thieves in their tracks, makes possible new approach to fleet management, and revolutionizes insurance rate calculations
In launching the Novanto telematics box, Continental is declaring war on vehicle thieves and high insurance rates. About the size of a pocketbook and concealed in an inconspicuous plastic housing, the electronic unit can be used to track down a vehicle so equipped worldwide. If required and if permitted under data protection law, a central office can monitor a vehicle’s movements and even remotely disable it. Possibilities like this can be put to use everywhere, giving police the wherewithal to put a stop to a carnapper’s game and recover stolen vehicles. Fleet managers can …

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