Scania signs development agreement with Porsche

Scania has selected Porsche Engineering Group GmbH as its partner in the development of the next generation of truck cabs.
“In Porsche Engineering we have found a partner that shares Scania’s values and views on development and production. We will develop a cab frame together that is optimised for Scania’s requirements on styling and functionality, as well as for rational production,” says Per Hallberg, Executive Vice President and head of Research and Development, Purchasing at Scania.
Porsche Engineering Group GmbH provides highly advanced engineering services in areas such as material analysis and structural testing, as well as design of production equipment and logistics. Customers include both automotive companies and other industries.
For further information, please contact: Hans-Åke Danielsson, …

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Data mining made faster

New method eases analysis of ‘multidimensional’ information
To many big companies, you aren’t just a customer, but are described by multiple “dimensions” of information within a computer database. Now, a University of Utah computer scientist has devised a new method for simpler, faster “data mining,” or extracting and analyzing massive amounts of such data.
“Whether you like it or not, Google, Facebook, Walmart and the government are building profiles of you, and these consist of hundreds of attributes describing you” – your online searches, purchases, shared videos and recommendations to your Facebook friends, says Suresh Venkatasubramanian, an assistant professor of computer science.
“If you line them up for each person, you have a line of hundreds of numbers …

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Continental celebrates production of 40 million piezo injectors for injection systems

- High-tech injectors have been produced at the Limbach-Oberfrohna/Stollberg site in Saxony in Germany for ten years
- Piezo technology creates the conditions for reducing consumption and emissions
Regensburg/Limbach-Oberfrohna. Ten years on from the start of serial production, the international automotive supplier Continental is producing its 40-millionth piezo injector at its Limbach-Oberfrohna/Stollberg site in the German state of Saxony. The injection nozzles are fitted in the engines of passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. “With this ultramodern injection technology we have created the technological conditions for the production of high-performance yet economical diesel and petrol engines which meet even the strictest environmental standards,” comments José Avila, member of the the Continental AG Executive Board and Head of …

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Siemens will exhibit efficient and environmentally friendly solutions that span the water cycle

“New perspectives for the environment” – this is the motto of the IFAT ENTSORGA that will be held in Munich, Germany, from September 13 to 17, 2010, with water treatment and raw materials management being key focuses. At the international trade fair for environmental technologies Siemens will exhibit in Hall A1 a wide range of technologies that spans the water cycle and applications, ranging from process water and industrial wastewater treatment to municipal drinking water and water transport to energy management solutions. The portfolio for municipal and industrial customers offers solutions that make water management not only environmentally friendly but also efficient.
All over the world there is an increasing demand for drinking water and process …

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User Guide: Optimization Solutions for MacBook Pro

Your MacBook Pro can freeze if it is overloaded, overstrained or is overused without decent restarts to refresh the processor. Still, Macs are robust machines and will respond well to any proactive maintenance that you undertake to ensure this does not happen.
If your MacBook Pro is unresponsive, and does not show signs of life even when you Force Quit applications, there is only one thing that you can do; a Power Shutdown. It is advisable to quit applications and restart, if your machine allows you to, since a power shutdown can damage your hard drive and other delicate internals.
Once your MacBook Pro is restarted, run through this shortlist of quick questions and fixes before it …

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If the Tire is lacking Air it reaches for the Phone

Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system will soon be able to report to smart phones. The system also provides information about the correct pressure when tires are inflated. Enhanced driving safety and fuel efficiency are expected.
Continental is making driving safer and more economical for the future with a new application that reports the tire pressure directly to a smart phone. The vehicle electronic is connected wirelessly with the driver’s smart phone, therefore making speedy data exchange possible. The Continental Interior Division’s “Filling Assistant” specifies the exact inflation pressure of each tire. So when adding air, the optimum tire pressure can be achieved, even when inflation pumps at the filling station do not measure the pressure accurately. …

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