How To Monitor Computer Temperature?

During the initial release of computers to the public market, most engineers and system designers have taken into consideration about the computer temperature as there will be heat discharged by the computer’s components. They also tried to ensure that the case and cooling designs could cope with the reasonable amount of heat to prevent system damage or instability issues. Back then, the computers could not be easily modified or customized, and were not that configurable, except for memory limits and the number of floppy device storage. Peripherals were primarily on the exterior hence not much heating problems to the main system. Inner peripherals also generate low power and low bandwidth technologies. These features were sufficiently …

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Wind As An Alternative Power

If you are one of those who usually puts on the light 24 hours a day during winter or one among those persons who use air conditioners the entire summer break, then you must be concerned on how we are going to generate electricity when electric supplies go down in the near future due to people’s complete dependency on electricity. The more dependent we become the bigger problem we might encounter in the future when it comes to electricity. Thus, we must start thinking now on what will be the best alternative power we can have if the main electric power supplies are not enough.
We are not really in danger these times when talking about …

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Wii Fit Tips

While most video games have an adverse effect on people’s fitness levels as they slouch for hours and hours in front of the monitor, Wii Fit offers a great combination of both fitness and fun. However, you are not going to become fit and trim by simply paying the price of the game. In the beginning, playing and watching other play different games on Wii Fit can be an amusing and fun activity. But, as the novelty wears off, it is important to continue your fitness regime on Wii Fit to actually get the health benefits that the game has to offer. Here are some Wii Fit tips to help you make the most of …

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Making grids even smarter: Siemens acquires software that warns of possible blackouts

Siemens Energy has acquired Quick Stab from SCS Info Tech in New York, a software package used to prevent blackouts in power supply grids, thus expanding its portfolio by a further key component for setting up smart grids. This software is already in use among utilities in Asia and Europe, Latin America and the USA. Quick Stab can not only be used to enhance the stability of grids, but also provides for permanent monitoring, warning the control center when a power failure seems imminent on account of changes to grid utilization and flow of power within the grid.
Operating power supply grids without being familiar with their defined stability limits is always a risky matter. These …

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Intelligent Monitoring Technology Makes an Overall Automatization

Generally speaking, there are two aspects for any intelligent monitoring. One is the accession to get more information from monitor pictures, the other is that it must be practicable and friendly enough to adapt to the increasingly enlarged systematic scales. The substance for both the two aspects is to change the processing mode that traditional monitors do with the image information.
Traditional monitors have already been well developed. It is very easy for the production and collection of pictures owing to the progress in technology, high quality and low price of the camera. Besides, the storage system is able to accumulate large quantity of original data. However, it will take a lot of cost to obtain …

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Investment in space research: Fraunhofer Institute asks Siemens to modernize high power radar system

Siemens has been commissioned by the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques (FHR) to modernize the antenna of the High Power Radar System TIRA (Tracking und Imaging Radar). The facility in Wachtberg, Germany, generates precise images of satellites and other objects in space, and also helps to track the orbits of space debris. Under the modernization project Siemens will be renewing the drive and control equipment. The radar system is scheduled to come back into operation by the end of March 2011.
In Wachtberg, near Bonn, the FHR operates a high power radar system with a 34-meter parabolic antenna. The TIRA is one of the world’s largest radar systems for detecting and tracking …

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